Created To Believe

What you believe, and how you apply it, determines the destiny of your life. Created To Believe is a 30-day devotional that will help you develop the mind of Christ and develop your faith. To believe is an adventure in the heart of God.

WHO AND WHAT YOU BELIEVE in transforms your heart, shapes your thoughts, develops your attitudes, releases power in your words and is the foundation of every relationship in your life.

Discover how to think big, act big, and go big for God!


Mikel French

Author and Evangelist Mikel French is the founder of Mikel French Ministries, which is extensively involved in the ongoing vision of planting and establishing churches in Russia, and actively spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout several nations around the globe. He and his wife, Marsha, have one mission: world evangelism.


It is my honor and great pleasure to introduce you to a great man of God who has touched millions of people globally. Mike French was one of the pioneers to take the gospel to the Soviet Union after the fall of communism, reaching thousands in great crusades and establishing a multitude of churches. Mike is one of the last great evangelists of our generation—and a man who believes that every man was created to believe.

As a friend who has observed his ministry these forty years I can say he is not only a world-class communicator with keen insight to the human soul, but he is also a man of honesty and integrity, a man I believe in and can follow. Mike has a passion for all people but especially hurting people, whether in Russia or the American ghetto.

One of my greatest memories was watching him reach out to two thousand disenfranchised people at the Los Angeles Dream Center. On that night he spoke with such passion and love that he stayed five straight weeks as a great revival broke out. Created to Believe is one of those books that could change your life, a book you’ll want to pass on to those you love.

Mikel French’s first book Created to Believe is an expertly crafted devotional that I truly believe will capture the heart, mind, and spirit of readers. Mikel has been a personal friend of mine for over twenty years, and it has been a true honor to watch his ministry and his faith grow over the years. Created to Believe is a book about thinking bigger for Jesus, and it includes simple and practical advice to do just that. In just ten minutes a day this book will transform the mind and heart of readers and usher them into a new mind-set where big thoughts and big dreams are the norm. I am so proud of Mikel for writing this first-rate devotional, and I strongly endorse it, as I know it will change the life of every reader.

When I think of people who have impacted the nations of our world, Mikel French comes to my mind. His passion, love, and heart to help people achieve God’s best for their life has been a motivating fuel to my personal life.

I have had the privilege of seeing firsthand how God has used Mikel to inspire crowds of multiplied thousands of people to discover and pursue their God-sized dream. In the nation of Russia alone, Mikel has assisted in the funding and planting of hundreds of churches. I shudder to think about what Russia would look like today without the influence of Mikel French’s ministry. If God has ignited a dream in your heart—or perhaps you have yet to discover God’s dream for your life— Created to Believe is a must read.

Perhaps the most important thing to say about the material in this devotional is that it has been proven and tested under the fires of adversity during incredible challenges over the past twenty–plus years.
Mikel French was one of the original pioneers who joined OneHope when we were given the opportunity to distribute the first legal Scriptures in the Soviet Union after seventy–plus years of atheism. There were no Christians available to do the distribution that the Soviet government had asked us to do, so we had to seek out dedicated people, who sacrificed to travel and live under almost unendurable conditions. Mikel was one of the very first to join that group of distinguished pioneers. Others came, got some pictures, and never returned. Mikel has continued to minister to the people of Russia for now more than twenty years and more than one hundred trips.

These messages have been fine-tuned in the fire of the front line. They will encourage and challenge you to expand your faith, believe for more, and have confidence that God will give victory. Thank you, Mikel, for your faithfulness, and thank you for this powerful message.